Digitalize your business and rental management by integrating Flit2go fleet software
Based in Valencia, Spain

Who is it for?

Do you have a vehicles fleet or a car dealer?

  • Add an additional source of income by offering sharing services
  • Manage your business flexibly: remotely and without pressure
  • Be a pioneer in sustainable mobility

Already have your rental business?

  • Digitalize your business by automatizing the rental logistics
  • Increase the turnover if your business
  • Increase your visibility and reach new customers

Are you missing mobility services in your location?

  • Establish mobility innovative solutions and take advantage of multiple benefits

Why sharing?

Nowadays, having your own vehicle is not a priority. The number of vehicles owned are decreasing, users are looking for cheaper and flexible solutions to avoid the fixed costs of having a car.

The current trend is that lots of users prefer, and seek, solutions as flexibles as sharing services. This change in trend is an opportunity for all the companies that have traditionally worked in the automotive industry. Now they have the possibility of digitizing and start offering sharing services.

Why Flit2go?

With Fli2go technology you can manage the sharing fleet of vehicles optimally and without being pending or present in the rental process.

We offer you the possibility of automating the rentals. The driver can rent the car, open it, finish the trip and pay through our app.

In addition, our technology can add motorcycles and scooters apart from cars, which means an additional service and a differentiation from your competitors.

Flit2go is a Spanish company based in Valencia. It has a team of specialists who have acquired the commitment to constantly improve and provide personalized assistance. In this way, you will have at your fingertips the best app in the market that will help you in having an extra income and to maximize your company profits.

How it works

Get in touch, our experts will design exclusively a solution that will help you to join the sharing revolution.

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