Automotive groups implement car leasing services

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One of the big changes in people’s consumption in recent years has to do with the choices they make regarding their individual and family mobility. Many factors such as traffic, limited availability of vehicles, high fuel prices and environmental concerns are driving people to look for new services to suit their new lifestyles. One model that is growing all the time is the car subscription model, where flexibility, cost-effectiveness and simplicity are sought.

Many of the large automotive companies and OEMs are adapting and implementing services focused on the vehicle subscription model, giving their users the freedom to choose the length of time they subscribe to their car, without permanence in many cases and with the peace of mind of having services related to insurance and maintenance.

The automotive groups that have been working with this model in recent years report that 80% of the users who have contracted the vehicle subscription service have been new customers, which has been important to understand the new needs of the market and has also served OEMs and automotive groups as a commercial strategy to attract and retain new customers.

Software suscripción de vehículos – software suscripcion de coches – Leasing software – Flit2GO

What to consider when launching a car subscription service?

In the past, the focus of the automotive business was based on the status of car ownership. However, as the way the world has evolved, more and more services are being sought that facilitate a simple, sustainable and financially friendly lifestyle. This is why the car subscription model can be seen as an all-inclusive transport service rather than a vehicle ownership service.

A service that connects to vehicle subscription software

The new automotive and mobility services have a common characteristic, which is the need for digitalisation and new tools to optimise the user experience and operations.

This also makes it easier for dealers or companies such as a car rental company to monetise the cars they have in stock in a very simple way and only by implementing software, which also helps to control the management of the business.

Software suscripción de vehículos - software suscripcion de coches - Leasing software - Flit2GO
Software suscripción de vehículos – software suscripcion de coches – Leasing software – Flit2GO

Today there is car subscription software that any mobility company can implement to expand their services, reach more customers and become more profitable. This car subscription software is implemented in a few weeks, it consists of an ERP for internal management to keep all the records of the service, customers, billing and online payments, as well as offering the possibility of implementing a mobile app for users.

At Flit2GO we offer not only the technological platform for you to implement the car subscription software in your company, we also accompany and advise you in the launch of the car subscription service.

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