Dealers and Official Agents

Adaptable technology for dealer and agent scalability

Dealers will be able to manage the stock of their courtesy vehicles and combine management with rental and subscription services. These operations can be integrated with the DMS (Dealer Management System).

Flit2GO software is adaptable to dealers and official agents to improve their operations and increase fleet profitability through new lines of business.

Offers flexible leasing, courtesy vehicles, corporate carsharing, etc. It automatically and efficiently manages all the processes of dealers and official agents:

  • Condition of vehicles
  • Maintenance
  • Reservations
  • Subscriptions
  • Customer registration
  • Billing
  • Payments
flexible courtesy car leasing and corporate carsharing software

Automated task and document management

Vehicle sales management software

With the car buying and selling software, you can manage from start to finish the operations of dealers and used car businesses, with DMS and CRM integration.

Total control of your business

ERP for internal management

A platform that integrates all the metrics and information of the have in real time relevant data such as:

  • Billing.
  • Customer registration.
  • Contracts.
  • Booking calendar.
  • Condition of vehicles.

Management and supervision in the palm of your hand

Mobile management app

Application at hand so that operators of mobility companies can mobility companies control of all processes and vehicle processes and vehicle reservations, such as:

  • Check In and Check Out process.
  • Vehicle fleet status (location, mileage and fuel level).
  • Scheduling of cleaning and maintenance tasks.
  • ITV alarms and revisions.

Tailor-made application for your customers

White Label App

The perfect tool for your customers' reservations, at any time, from anywhere and with your brand. With the white label App you can offer the best service, increase the number of users and optimize the Check In and Check Out processes.

A tailor-made and customizable app with your company's identity.



Monetizes the use of courtesy vehicles.


Automation of all marketing processes, such as monthly subscription or long-term rental.


Fleet control with real-time 4G connection to vehicles.

Join the future of mobility

Mobility Software for Dealerships
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Mobility Software for Dealerships
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It offers flexible leasing, courtesy vehicles, corporate carsharing and much more. It automatically and efficiently manages all the processes of dealers and official agents.

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