Corporate Mobility

Technology for the optimization and use of corporate fleets

The Flit2GO software optimizes company vehicle fleets.

Make shared use of vehicles combined with remote management for electric vehicle charging, achieving sustainable, digital and connected mobility. By means of internal management tools, geolocation, connectivity IoT connectivity and process automation companies can reduce their corporate fleet and employee mobility costs..

remote management software for all types of electric vehicles

Total control of your fleet

ERP for internal management

A platform that integrates all the metrics and information of the have in real time relevant data such as:

  • Billing.
  • Customer registration.
  • Contracts.
  • Booking calendar.
  • Condition of vehicles.

Vehicles connected at all times

Mobile management app

Application at hand for the operators of the companies that operate companies have control of their vehicle fleet:

  • Check In and Check Out process.
  • Vehicle fleet status (location, mileage and fuel level).
  • Scheduling of cleaning and maintenance tasks.
  • ITV alarms and revisions.

Vehicles connected at all times

Geolocation module

This module can be incorporated into the ERP and is ideal for companies that, in addition to managing their operations, want to implement advanced fleet management with geolocation, vehicle sensor information or the creation of Geofence alarms, with the aim of increasing the security and control of the fleet in a delocalized manner.



Cost optimization in corporate fleet.


Reduction of CO2 emissions from companies.


Increased use and availability of vehicles.


Traceability and measurement of corporate fleet usage.

Join the future of mobility

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Through internal management tools, geolocation, IoT connectivity and process automation, companies can reduce their corporate fleet and employee mobility costs.

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