Our Pricing

Digitalization of your business and/or vehicle sharing

Digitize your processes to provide the best mobility service to your customers

White Label App

Category: Process Management
2.000-6.000 From and to
  • App with customizable interface in language, logos, colors and icons
  • For Carsharing, car rental, micromobility and subscriptions
  • App with booking engine, payments, contracts, remote opening, vehicle management, notifications, and more.
  • Digitized user experience by automating all rental processes

Fleet Analytics

Category: Business Intelligence y Analytics
1.500-4.000 From and to
  • Fleet management platform
  • Tool for BI by collecting all vehicle data
  • Makes the business more efficient and helps to make better cost reduction decisions
  • Get automations, heat maps, reports, alerting, productivity and more

Backoffice Mobility

Category: Customer Management
1.800-4.000 From and to
  • Internal dashboard for the company
  • Real-time vehicle data, booking data, payments, maintenance, cleaning, user information and more
  • Includes GPS with vehicle tracking
  • Document management, contracts, biometric identification and more

eFrame - Web Booking

Category: E-Commerce
1.800-2.000 From and to
  • Booking plug-in to incorporate into the company's website
  • Boosts vehicle sales/reservations via the Web
  • Complementing other Flit2Go functionalities such as the White Label App
  • Manage user registration and online payments

Approximate prices subject to volume and fleet type. Please consult with our technicians for a customized solution for your company.

From February 2022 and thanks to the next generation funds of the recovery and resilience mechanism promoted by the European Union, you can benefit from grants for the implementation of new digital solutions. To apply for the digital kit implementing Flit2go technology for digitization you can check here all the information. Ask for an appointment with our technicians and they will present you, your customized solution.

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