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What is Flit2go

Flit2go is the first Spanish platform, born in Valencia, of mobility services that offers you the main urban vehicles such as cars, motorcycles and scooters. Our fleet is located around the city and always managed by local companies, you just need to worry about driving, we take care of the rest.

Download our app in your smartphone, look for a vehicle, rent it, and drive as if it were yours. You just need to park it in the same area where you took it.

What is Flit2go

Save money

Owning a vehicle is an unnecessary expense. Forget about fixed expenses such as: insurance, maintenance, contingencies and taxes. Move around the city without owning, sharing is a cheaper option.

Pay for the time of use

Flit2go offers you modern vehicles near your place managed by local companies. You can rent them when you need it, paying for the minutes you use them.

24h available

Flit2go vehicles are available 365 days 24 hours. Drive whenever you want.

Keyless access

You can do everything with your smartphone and the Flit2go app. Look for a vehicle, rent it, open the doors and once you have finished the trip, lock the vehicle. The power is in your hands.

Flit2go app

As simple as downloading the Fli2go app. Look for a vehicle, rent it, open it and lock it easily.

Available soon on App Store and Google Play.

How it works

In our app you can find the vehicle you need at that time.
You just need to follow a few simple steps.

Download the app

You can do everything in our app. It will show you the available vehicle near you, so look for it, book it, drive it and park. If you don’t find available vehicles you can configure alerts that will notify you.


Once you have the app you will have to create your user profile. Prepare your ID, driver’s licence and payment method. Once we review your profile you will be ready to dride.


Drive a vehicle when you have the necessity a go wherever you want. Once you finish the trip, make sure you are parking in the arear that Fli2go tells you.

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