The era of keyless digital Car Rentals is here

Move to a 100% digital car rental experience, via mobile app and instant vehicle locking/unlocking.

Keyless Rent a car

    Keyless Geotab

    Flit2GO & GEOTAB

    Enhance your services of vehicle rental and booking experience with GEOTAB’s fleet management.

    Managed from Flit2GO vehicle rental and subscription software.

    Remote vehicle management for increased security and profitability.


    Lock and unlock vehicles via Bluetooth or mobile connection without a physical key.


    Compatible with all types of vehicles, including electric and hybrid.

    Fleet Management

    Monitoring of vehicles at all times to improve operations.

    Mobile APP for customers

    With the mobile App, customers have access to the vehicle, increasing service satisfaction.

    Why choose Flit2GO?

    More efficiency and time savings in the management of your operations.

    Implement automated processes and new business models.

    Vehicle connectivity and advanced fleet control for real-time vehicle tracking.

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