How to improve the online presence of your rent a car?

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One of the biggest challenges that companies face today is being able to have an online presence that helps them increase their sales. Vehicle or car rental companies are constantly reinventing themselves and staying at the forefront of new technologies is essential to remain in the market.

Rent a cars need more efficient and immediate ways to reach customers who want to book a car online, so it becomes essential to have an optimized website with a car catalog where customers can find out about availability, services, add extras and make payments online.

It is important to have software for rent a car, which connects the internal management of the company with the web reservation system for cars, and which is incorporated into the business’s commercial website. In this way you can have full control of the processes and the stock of rental cars.

Business digitalization is the best tool to increase company productivity, it is the key to selling more with better service, building customer loyalty and offering them a better experience than other competitors.

If you still do not have tools to improve the user experience of your vehicle rental, we present some:

Digitalization solutions for the rent a car sector

Software tools for rent a car – vehicle rental software – Flit2GO

Optimised websites for car rental companies

Experience in certain sectors means that the design of websites should be in the hands of specialised companies. At Flit2GO we improve or design your rent a car website, incorporating the online car booking engine.

Web booking system for vehicles

Being able to offer car rental online and immediately will increase sales and improve your relationship with your customers, as well as being able to offer electronic invoices, online payments, add extras instantly and have your customer records directly into your internal ERP.

Car Rental Software

With software connected to all available technology tools you can have all your business data in one place. With an in-house ERP for car rental, customer records, invoices, maintenance alerts, bookings and all relevant business data are under control.

Can we help you to digitise your rent a car?

In Flit2GO we develop software for car rental companies, with a modular and scalable system you can gradually incorporate the tools that best suit the business and thus improve the way you receive reservations in your car rental.

If you want to know more about car rental software, click here:

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¿Cómo mejorar la presencia online de tu rent a car?
¿Cómo mejorar la presencia online de tu rent a car?
Las empresas de alquiler de vehículos o coches están en constante reinvención y mantenerse a la vanguardia de las nuevas tecnologías es esencial para seguir en el mercado.

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